Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma CHOICES 2015 Award Ceremony

The Most Influential Advocates for Women’s Rights in Oklahoma

The 2015 Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma CHOICES 2015 annual event featured Wendy Davis, Texas Senator made famous for her filibuster preventing some major infringements on women’s reproductive health.
Along with a silent auction, the event featured some of Oklahoma’s strongest voices for women’t reporductive rights. This video is a unique way to approach a classic issue involved in live events, going overtime. Keri Parks and I got together and crafted the idea of a video that featured award winners instead of a live speech.
The result? More than an award speech could every be on its own. Featuring, Senator Connie Johnson, Martha Hardwick, Dr. Dana Stone, Dr. Kenneth Stein, Danielle Williams, and Shelly Seek.
Having set this new president, be sure to check back for our video next year and in the years to come!

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