Marion Scrape is inspired by real events derived from broadcasts of the United State’s national nightly news.


Logline: Marion, a city plagued by the manufacture and distribution of designer drugs, sets the stage for three lives to interconnect when April, a single mother, is faced with the decision to shoot an intruder in order to protect her children.

Marion is a city plagued by the manufacture and distribution of designer drugs. From cooking to wholesale, through retail and use, the market has swept up the city into a year of violence and addiction.
One is the story of Nick, a twenty-something art school drop-out who, after overdosing, attempts to break into April’s house while she is home alone with her children. She calls 911 and Wanda answers but leaves April with the decision and one piece of advice, “you do whatever it takes to save your family.”
24 hours earlier and Nick is scraping for one more hit, almost sober enough not to care. Wanda’s self-destructive routine is in full gear and April is clocking in to bake gourmet bread she can’t afford. The events that follow weave a unique tragedy inspired by true events, a societal biopic taken from the headlines.

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