Dahn Tahnh Nguyen

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Dahn Tahnh Nguyen takes modern US lifestyles and conjoins it with the repercussions of the conflict in Vietnam. Dahn is the child of two refugees who left North Vietnam in 1975 following the end of the war. Like many Vietnamese citizens who found themselves without a home and in the ruins of their cities and towns, they left with what they could hold on their backs. Little di Dahn’s mom know, she was pregnant. After making it to the US, the pangs of labor begin, and after a 12-hours, little Dahn was born.

But Dahn was smaller than the other kids. He had a harder time understanding things and when he felt alone, he’d go into his mind, into a reality where he was Superman, James Bond, The Godfather. Now, Dahn is 35, he runs a convenience store that has been in his family for some time. But he likes to gamble, a lot. After making a bet he can’t afford, Dahn runs into trouble with the Triads and the Cartel leaving him to call wolf when no one will listen.

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