Part One

From the mind that brought you  the Paradox Trilogy comes Blackie’s Revelation. A comprehensive journey through the history of La Cosa Nostra like you’ve never seen before. Beginning in 8000 BCE, join David Giordano-Steece (Blackie) and narrator Attila Gyula Balazs as the sicilians are conquered by a dozen kingdoms and from the heart of oppression, the code of Omerta is created.
From Sicily we immigrate to the United States and learn the details of how La Cosa Nostra’s influence began in New Orleans and spread via the Mississippi River. Chicago, Kansas City, New York , and St, Louis all became important hubs as alcohol prohibition gives the fuel the American Mafia needs to become an international business.
 A few years after prohibition ends Blackie is born to infamous mafioso Antony Giordano of the St. Louis Family.

“No one has ever died who did exactly what I said. We’re back to Mind…”

Part Two

David Giordano-Steece was born into a life that most of you think you know, however, there is a side to The American Mafia you’ve yet to hear. From the people who lived during the golden age of organized crime, Mind unveils the untold story of why The Family is a family and how such a tight knit organization may be the saving grace of a failing economy.
In this second part of Blackie’s Revelation, join Blackie as he traverses the world of politics, law enforcement, entrepreneurship, and becoming a world renowned author

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