Beat Meat with V.A.G.

(formerly the Vegetable Alliance Group)

Beating Meat is Tough

At V.A.G. we know "Tender Care"

Today, more than ever, the black meat market is corrupt with profit mongering butchers so you never know what a cut has been cut with. Often times whole meat poultry is found out to be some frankenstein turducken even laboratory testing cannot determine it’s original composition. .

No matter what flesh you like, whether you eat it burned or alive, V.A.G. is here to help you beat meat. Our team of gastrointestinal specialist we’ll set you on track with a host of meat substitutes that you’ll probably have to be on for the rest of your life. We’ll replace your craving with a bloating that will seem to fill your stomach for long periods of time. Our methods are not only patented, but they have been time tested since the beginning of meat prohibition nearly 250 years ago.

Are you or someone you know dependent on meat? V.A.G. will help you #BeatMeatforGood

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