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The second edition of A Question of Honor just hit the printers, and Elephant Treehouse was lucky enough to design the cover. Despite the age-old adage, everyone judges books by their cover. Blackie felt it was important to update how the public first sees his story. Working closely together, we came up with a new piece that gives subtle hints into the action-packed story that lay ahead.

We are also in the post production stages of a new documentary with never before released footage and characters you have to see to believe. Check out Mind. right here for more info.

To get a copy warm from the press, just click here and it will be shipped to your door. I bet if you ask nicely, Blackie may even sign it for you.




We went through several revisions. My first vision was to capture the essence of the first editions cover, but add a lot more contrast. Blackie expressed his interest in the swamp and the airplane, as these elements play vital roles in the story.

I designed the first swamp and went for the red wash of the original. I wanted the sun to be more of an orange, and give that sense of fire to the feeling of the cover. The rat was added to the foreground as a sense of foreshadowing, but the rodent had to be meaner.

Which brought us to the third. I fell back on contrast, and with the added color, brought a level of dynamics that were not there before. Hot/Cold, Dark/Light, Good/Evil. I feel this new cover really speaks well for the story and the series, and I am very pleased to see this on the shelf soon!

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