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EPK’s Made Easy: E(z)PK

Today’s market is saturated with new and great music. It takes years to hone the craft and to understand music like a wizard. ¬†Standing out in today’s social media market takes just as much work and when you’re busy writing songs, it’s hard to juggle the things that don’t seem to matter. This is why Elephant Treehouse is proud to present the E(z)PK, the world’s first EPK service for musicians¬†that comes in an automatically updating one page with a responsive and sleek design.

You’ll never have to learn a bit of code and we’ll teach you how to manage your page without ever leaving your email or social media profile. we offer:

  • password protection
  • responsive design
  • automated contact
  • No ads, ever
  • And much more

This is a highly personalized design, so we want to talk to you! Let us know how we can help you, and one of our head designers will be in contact with you withing 24 hours.



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