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Music Videos

Bringing visuals to music is a collaborative effort, and at elephant Treehouse, we understand that you need to have a say in the development of your video. We will consult you in the expenses of production and find ways to bring your vision into a reality. Send us a link to your soundcloud, youtube or anywhere where we can take a listen to your latest masterpiece. 



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Elephant Treehouse is now accepting applications to have your EPK hosted on our secure server. With complete custimization, no ads, and no logos other than your own, the EzPK is the web site you’ll never have to worry about. To see if you qualify, contact us below!

ETH acoustic

ETH acoustic give musicians an opportunity to arrange their songs into unplugged versions of their former self. We also take a look at their songwriting process and what inspires them to write. Look out for season two coming later in 2016!


Nothing says you’re ready to play like showing them you can. We can cater to any stage and band size, provide lights and atmosphere and well as Hi-Fi Multitrack recording.  No matter your budget, we can get you the promotional materials you need to make it to the bigger stage!

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